Grant Reporting Tool

Gateway Center for Giving's Grant Reporting Tool is intended for grantmakers who are developing or enhancing their processes, tools, and forms related to grantee reporting. Additionally, the Grant Reporting Tool seeks to establish a common vocabulary among grantmakers and grantseekers through a Glossary of Terms.


The Grant Reporting Tool consists of general tips and a menu of core questions that are considered best practices in effective grant reporting. Rather than aiming for a “one-size-fits-all” form, the Grant Reporting Tool is intended to be used as a menu of ideas and questions that can be incorporated into grantmaker processes, tools and forms for grantee reporting.

The tool was developed over the course of eighteen months by a working group of St. Louis area grantmakers and nonprofit representatives. Sections of the tool address general grant reporting tips for grantmakers, tips for grantmakers to give their grantees, sample questions for grantmakers to ask, and a list of other resources for best practices in grant evaluation and reporting.


Gateway Center for Giving would like to thank the following individuals for participating in the development of this tool: Sarah Buek, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis; Dr. Dianne Benjamin, ARCHS; Diane Drollinger, Nonprofit Services Center; Melinda McAliney, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis; Claire Hundelt, Daughters of Charity of St. Louis; Kathy Doellefeld-Clancy, Roblee Foundation; Jenny Praytor, Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation; Felice Joyce, Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund; Danielle Wallis, and all those who contributed to earlier drafts.

Grant Reporting Tool[PDF, 509.48 KB]
Grant Reporting Tool - Glossary of Terms[PDF, 109.33 KB]