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Gateway Center for Giving's St. Louis Collaboration Directory catalogs significant cross-sector collaboration efforts that connect and serve our region. A resource for grantmakers and the community at large, the directory is intended to foster knowledge-sharing and help provide context to potential partners as they consider opportunities to work together on issues of common concern. For more information about the directory can be accessed at www.centerforgiving.org/st-louis-collaborations-directory
GCG members must use their log-in information to access the report. If you are not a member of GCG and are interested in purchasing the public version of the report, which redacts confidential information, please access our nonprofit resource page .
The Missouri Common Grant Application Version 2.0 allows grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions and definitions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices. To the Grantmaker: If you are interested in using the CGA for your foundation's grant application, please feel free to download the CGA template, modify it to suit your needs, and host it on your organization's website. You may wish to insert instructions about word or character limits. Please contact info@centerforgiving.org to let us know that you will be using a version of the CGA so that we can share important updates in the future.
Gateway Center for Giving's Collaboration Directory is a document containing significant collaborations in the St. Louis region and is intended as a resource for member grantmakers. The Collaborations Directory 2015 update was compiled based on surveys of, conversations with and the provision of information by members of the grantmaking community, as well as online research. Members of the nonprofit community were also contacted to provide pertinent collaboration information when they were identified as the lead organization of the effort. Note: An updated and enhanced version of this...
March, 2015
Gateway Center for Giving's Grant Reporting Tool is intended for grantmakers who are developing or enhancing their processes, tools, and forms related to grantee reporting. Additionally, the Grant Reporting Tool seeks to establish a common vocabulary among grantmakers and grantseekers through a Glossary of Terms. Background The Grant Reporting Tool consists of general tips and a menu of core questions that are considered best practices in effective grant reporting. Rather than aiming for a “one-size-fits-all” form, the Grant Reporting Tool is intended to be used as a menu of ideas and...
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