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Missouri Common Grant Application

Welcome to the online home for Missouri Common Grant Application (CGA).

The Missouri Common Grant Application allows grantmakers and grantseekers to work from a common set of questions and definitions that reinforce solid nonprofit practices.

THE APPLICATION: The Missouri Common Grant Application Materials include:
  • Missouri Common Grant Application
    The full length application.
  • Short Form
    A shorter version of the application that can also be used as a Letter of Intent.
  • Budget Templates
    Includes a project budget template, organizational budget template, a capital campaign budget instruction sheet.
  • User Guide
    Walks grantseekers through the application questions. It includes a glossary of terms, instructions, and examples on how to answer questions. The user guide adds clarity to the application process and provides answers for many of the questions that arise during grant preparation.


  • Please be aware that grantmakers may accept one of these forms, but not necessarily all of them. Click here to learn which grantmakers accept which form(s) or visit an individual grantmaker’s website.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Each of the grantmakers that accepts the CGA has different funding priorities and areas of interest. Prior to submitting a proposal it is your responsibility to determine whether your organization meets a grantmaker’s guidelines and funding priorities. Always check each grantmaker’s website for the most current information on their grant application and reporting requirements, and contact them if you have questions.

The CGA seeks to establish a common vocabulary among grantmakers and grantseekers.  Check out this list of terms used in the CGA.

BACKGROUND AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Creating Missouri’s Common Grant Application (CGA) was a volunteer effort on behalf of many dedicated individuals invested in enhancing Missouri’s nonprofit sector.  Learn more about the background, and who helped develop this application.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Check out these common questions for both grant-makers, and grant-seekers.

"The CGA is a “win-win” model.  It simplifies the grant application process for nonprofits and it
organizes data and information systematically for funders
- Sister Joan Kuester, Executive Director, Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis

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