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The Gateway Center for Giving provides high-quality research on charitable giving and issues in the St. Louis region.

As a benefit to our members, GCG staff conducts research upon request on topics related to  member grantmaking. Members should direct their research inquiries to

Dollars and Sense: A Report on Major Funding Campaigns
This annually researched report informs grantmakers, nonprofits and other community leaders about major fundraising campaigns occurring in the region, and tracks resources being allocated toward restricted funding activities in the St. Louis region. If your organization is considering or currently running a major funding campaign involving restricted donations, please be sure to participate in our annual survey.

St. Louis Business Guide to Giving
This guide was created to help businesses set up and carry out a charitable giving program by taking you through the basic steps: deciding why to give; determining where to give; allocating what to give; and finally, assessing your business' charitable program. Funding for this updated resource was generously provided by the YouthBridge Community Foundation. 

St. Louis Collaborations Report 
This report compiles, describes, and categorizes the formal and informal collaborations among grantmakers and across sectors in the St. Louis region.  The Gateway Center surveyed grantmakers throughout the community to compile this directory of collaborations in an attempt to make them more visible and accessible to other interested grantmakers and members of the community. For proposed additions or edits, please contact the Gateway Center at

Giving in St. Louis 2012
This report is a follow up to our landmark 2004 report Private Dollars for Public Good and will benchmark individual, corporate, and foundation philanthropic giving in St. Louis, Missouri. It is our hope that this report will strengthen the donor community, the nonprofit community, and the broader St. Louis community. This is the only report currently being published of this nature about St. Louis area charitable giving. The report was developed in coordination with the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program at University of Missouri-St. Louis and The Foundation Center. Funding for this report was generously provided by Emerson and Wells Fargo Advisors. Click here for the Executive Summary.

Measuring the Work of Intermediaries in the St. Louis Region 2012
A new report released by the Gateway Center for Giving in April 2012 encouraging funders and intermediaries to think about intermediary nonprofit organizations and their outcomes differently as well as explain how these two groups can partner successfully to create change. The Gateway Center worked with its funding partners, a steering committee, and a group of key stakeholders to develop this guide and engaged in conversations with more than 35 individuals from funding and intermediary organizations in an attempt to understand how these two groups can better communicate with one another and understand each other’s needs. Also see the associated report Appendix that includes additional resources for grantmakers and intermediaries.

Understanding the Intermediary Infrastructure in St. Louis: Who they are, what they do, and common misconceptions 2011
The infrastructure of nonprofit intermediaries in St. Louis is largely unknown and misunderstood due to the lack of available information about intermediaries in our region. This report, commissioned by the Gateway Center for Giving and sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health, seeks to address these questions and enhance the understanding of the intermediary landscape in our community.

Missouri Foundations: The Big Picture 2009
This report was published by the Gateway Center for Giving in coordination with the Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program at UMSL and with support from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The study looks at how Missouri compares at the country and regional levels as well as to other states in terms of foundation locations, assets, and allocations.

Environmental Sustainability and the St. Louis Region 2009
This report from the Environmental Funders of St. Louis Affinity Group with support from the Cleaves and Mae Rhea Foundation and the Philpott Foundation, The scans the region's environmental priorities and performance, its environmental nonprofits, and examines the regional scope of environmental issues and nonprofits in the context of state and national trends.

Effective Public School Governance 2007
A report from the Education Funders Affinity Group that examines school board governance through a variety of perspectives including: what are the best practices in school board governance, what can we learn about the governance structure of schools boards, and what common characteristics do effective schools board members exhibit.

Beyond High School: Building Better Futures
A report from the St. Louis Regional College Access Pipeline Project. The project's goal is to increase the proportion of students in the St. Louis region who earn higher education degrees to 50% by 2020. This report is the first regional report card on college access in the St. Louis area.

The Golden Age of Philanthropy 2004
Created by the Gateway to Giving Coalition. The report looks at the $41 trillion wealth transfer that is expected to take place in the US by the year 2052 as it applies to St. Louis. It provides a baseline estimate of current wealth and the projected wealth transfer. The researchers estimate that St. Louis households will transfer at least $532 billion between 2001 and 2055 and will contribute $93 billion in charitable bequests.

Private Dollars for Public Good 2004
Created by the Gateway to Giving coalition with support from the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation. This report offers new insights into the specific characteristics of charitable giving in the St. Louis region. It looks at how the future intergenerational transfer of wealth can benefit a community.

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2018 Capital Campaign Report Released!
The Gateway Center for Giving publishes a capital and endowment campaign report to inform grantmakers, nonprofits and other community leaders about resources being allocated toward restricted funding activities in the St. Louis region.
GCG Members must use their log-in information to access the full report. If you are not a GCG Member and are interested in purchasing the pubic version of the report, please contact Clare Brewka at

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