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Membership Eligibility

The Gateway Center's Members are foundations, corporate giving programs and federated funds that collectively give well in excess of $200 million each year to address needs in the St. Louis region.   

The Gateway Center's Associate Members are wealth advisors, estate planners and consultants that work with donors and nonprofits to increase the effectiveness of charitable giving.

While each of their missions is unique, our Members are united by a desire to increase the effectiveness of charitable giving and look to the Gateway Center for programs, information and research to help them do more with their charitable giving. 

Full Membership Eligibility
Full membership is open to those organizations whose primary activity is the making of grants for charitable purposes.  Individuals whose primary occupation is to provide professional services to grantmakers and/or nonprofits will not be considered for full membership but are eligible to apply for Associate Member status.

For the definitions about what types of grantmakers fall under the full membership category please click here.

Associate Membership Eligibility
The Gateway Center for Giving’s Associate Members are those for whom the majority of their business activity is providing services in support of effective grantmaking and nonprofit service delivery. 

These services include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluation services for grantmakers and nonprofits;
  • Strategic planning for grantmakers and nonprofits;
  • Advising clients about best practices in philanthropic giving;
  • Financial management for grantmakers and nonprofits.
Disqualifying factors include but are not limited to:
  • Vendors who provide or sell products to grantmakers and nonprofits;
  • Single source consultants for whom more than 80% of their business is one activity (i.e., vendors and technical consultants);
  • Individuals who do not spend more than 50% of their professional time serving grantmakers or nonprofits.
Final approval of applicant Members is made by the Gateway Center for Giving’s Board of Directors or Executive Committee and is based on the applicant’s fit with the eligibility criteria stated above.

For more information about membership in the Gateway Center, please contact us at or 314-621-6220.
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