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Benefits of Membership

Please note that benefits of Full Membership and Associate Membership vary.  For questions about what your Member benefits include, please contact the Gateway Center for Giving CEO and President at (314) 621-6220.

We offer unique benefits to our Members:

  • Networking with peer grantmakers in our community. The Gateway Center for Giving is the only organization in our region that convenes funders to encourage increased learning and collaboration within philanthropy.
  • Regional and Topical Issues of utmost importance are presented to our Members.  Through the work of the Gateway Center for Giving’s various affinity groups, donors become more informed about the issues facing our region.
  • Skill-Building opportunities provide Members with the tools and information to help structure and manage effective charitable giving and service delivery programs.
  • Sector News & Research including our Member Directorywebsite and e-mail updates. Customized research includes the annual Capital Campaign Report, and timely briefs on innovative projects, key community issues and philanthropic trends.
Programs and services include:

Member Requested Research is available exclusively for Members to share information about who’s doing what in the community, what the latest trends and practices are in grantmaker areas of interest and national information searches conducted by Gateway Center for Giving staff for free and on demand. (Full Members Only)

What Gives? is our weekly e-newsletter that puts members in touch with the latest ideas, information and resources in the philanthropic sector.

Gateway Center for Giving Annual Meeting held each January; this important community networking event is a “must do” in the nonprofit sector.

Dollars and Sense a report produced annually about capital and endowment campaigns in the region. This is a helpful tool for consultants working with nonprofits and those advising grantmakers.

Grantmaker Programs
 are for donors who fund education, the environment, college access programs and neighborhood initiatives as well as those who want to meet to talk about changing priorities due to the economy.

Some of our programs include:

  Corporate RoundtableThe Corporate Roundtable provides a forum for corporate grantmakers to exchange ideas and share their unique processes, from online grant applications to strategic planning--a network of peers to be called upon as an invaluable resource. It also includes presentations on a broad range of topics of interest to a business audience. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Funders Affinity Group: The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Funders Affinity Group was started in 2014 and is intended for participants who are interested in exploring issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, both within funding organizations and in the broader community, with the understanding that enhanced knowledge and relationships with key stakeholders can inform our work as grantmakers and collaborators.

Early Childhood Education Funders Affinity GroupThe Early Childhood Education Funders Affinity Group was first convened by the Gateway Center in 2012.  It is intended to help those who are interested in supporting early learning find out more about worthy initiatives,  research findings, best practices, and advocacy tools. Group meetings provide learning opportunities for grantmakers and allow them to  share educational grant-making experiences with others.

Education Funders Affinity Group: The Education Funders Affinity Group was created to help those who are interested in supporting  education learn more about worthy initiatives, educational research findings and best practices. Group meetings provide learning  opportunities for Gateway Center members and allow members to share educational grant-making experiences with others.

Family Foundation RoundtableThe Family Foundation Roundtable provides an opportunity for family foundation trustees, board  members, and staff to talk with each other about the joys and challenges of family philanthropy, and share expertise, experiences,  questions, and concerns with others in similar situations. The informal roundtable gatherings are held 1-2 times each year.

Lunch with Leaders: Lunch with Leaders is a unique leadership development program aimed at fostering the next generation of philanthropic sector leaders in corporate, private and family foundations. The program aims to catalyze relationships, establish a learning cohort and enable knowledge transfer among new grantmakers who have been in the field less than five years, and experienced grantmakers who have been in the field more than five years.

Women & People in Philanthropy Luncheons: Women in Philanthropy and People in Philanthropy luncheons are an informal networking opportunity for individuals in the grantmaking community. Each type of luncheon takes place 2-3 times/year.

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