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What is the Gateway Center for Giving?
The Gateway Center for Giving (GCG) helps Missouri donors do more. We strengthen philanthropy and promote community impact by providing programming, research, technical assistance and professional development opportunities to grantmaking organizations. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

What is a Regional Association of Grantmakers?
Regional associations of grantmakers are designed to enhance, expand, and explain philanthropy in their areas. The Gateway Center for Giving is one of 34 regional associations of grantmakers across the country. Like similar organizations, it is a geographically-focused association of grantmakers that supports the work of foundations in the region. Detailed information regarding other regional associations can be found at the website of the United Philanthropy Forum (formerly the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers).

With whom does GCG work?
GCG collaborates with donors to strengthen and expand philanthropy by promoting impactful and innovative practices.

Does GCG make grants?
GCG does not make grants; we serve as a resource and network for grantmakers.

Does GCG influence or manage its Members' grantmaking?
GCG helps its Members learn more about giving strategies, areas of grantmaking interest, and issues facing grantmakers. GCG does not influence or manage their grantmaking decisions.

Does GCG help nonprofits find grants?
No. The majority of our work is done directly with grantmakers. For a list of nonprofit resources, please click here.


Can individuals join the GCG?
GCG is a membership organization for grantmaking organizations, including corporate, private, family and tax-supported foundations, and does not offer memberships to individuals. Staff or board members of foundations or corporate giving programs are eligible to receive the benefits of membership.

What is the average size of a GCG member foundation?
GCG Member organizations run the gamut, from small foundations to large, professionally staffed foundations. The membership of GCG offers a good mix of size and organization type, reflecting the broad composition of the sector. Click here to view a list of our Members.


How does GCG membership benefit staff or trustees from foundations?
GCG membership offers foundation staff and trustees the opportunity to get to know a wide circle of people from the world of philanthropy, forming professional connections and personal friendships. Additionally, GCG conducts research and provides programs for members to help inform them about the needs of their community and the latest trends in the field of philanthropy. We bolster the transfer of sector knowledge to staff and trustees through our weekly news roundup, What Gives?, which provides topical information on philanthropy and local, regional, and national giving trends.

With so many different sizes and structures of charitable foundations and/or giving programs (e.g., small foundations with little or no staff, large foundations with a professional staff, corporate giving programs), can GCG offer benefits to all?
We understand that each of our Members is unique, and try to ensure that each of our Members is gaining value from their GCG membership. GCG hosts a variety of educational programs and networking events to meet the needs of grantmakers of all sizes and interests. For Members who want more specialized information, the Gateway Center for Giving offers Member-requested research and one-on-one consulting.

What resources does GCG offer for a person new to philanthropy who is interested in starting a foundation?
We would be happy to advise those who may be interested in starting a foundation. GCG provides access to experienced philanthropists, both foundation board and staff members, for customized consultation with those interested in formalizing their giving through the establishment of a foundation. In addition, GCG can provide streamlined access to an abundance of high-quality resources, including books, websites, educational programs and more.


Can grant-seeking nonprofit organization board members or staff attend GCG programs?
Generally, GCG meetings are reserved for grantmakers only. GCG does host two programs specifically oriented for nonprofits: Meet the Donor, and Common Grant Application Orientations. Nonprofit representatives are also invited to attend our Annual Meeting.

What are the expectations for participants attending GCG programs?
Gateway Center programs create a conversational space for grantmakers where candid, thoughtful discussion is welcome and encouraged. Fundraising at Gateway Center programs is considered inappropriate. For more information, please review our Convening Culture guidelines.

How can I suggest a topic for a GCG program?
GCG staff is always on the lookout for topics of interest to incorporate into our programming. Please contact us with your ideas.


Who should attend GCG’s Annual Meeting?
Trustees and professional staff from both Member and non-Member organizations are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. Nonprofits and community members are also invited to attend.

How can our foundation's success stories be shared with other GCG Members?
Share your success stories with other GCG Members by emailing the information to for inclusion in our weekly newsletter, What Gives?

How can persons associated with GCG Member foundations become involved in GCG committees?
We welcome your involvement. Contact us to express your interests.

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